Book Launch of Mark Salter’s “To End a Civil War: Norway’s Peace Engagement in Sri Lanka”

Our mission is to not only help diverse individuals connect with one another but to provide a platform where- by they can educate and discuss issues of importance. This event provided this opportunity to Torontonians with the a panel discussion and book launch held at the Lillian H. Smith Toronto Public Library Auditorium. The panelists and moderator included:

Amarnath Amarasingam

A Canadian scholar who has written extensively on Sri Lanka including Pain, Pride, and Politics: Social Movement Activism and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in Canada.

Erik Solheim

A Norwegian diplomat, served as a special advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka. He is one of the most recognizable figures in the peace negotiations between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers.

Mark Salter

A teacher and BBC journalist, he has worked in a wide range of professional settings including international NGOs, research institutes and intergovernmental organizations. His work has focused on issues of democ- racy, conflict, reconciliation and diversity management. His book tells the story of how the process of trying to bring peace to Sri Lanka unfolded. In particular it tells the story of how a faraway European nation – Nor- way – came to play a central role in efforts to end the conflict, and what its small, dedicated team of mediators did in their untiring efforts to reach what ultimately proved the elusive goal of a negotiated peace. For more information, visit

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