Mix in the 6ix

Mix in the 6ix hosted 50 community members at Proof Vodka Bar, a swanky lounge in the heart of Toronto’s downtown district. True to SLWB’s mission, the intimate gather- ing allowed for attendees to personally connect with new faces and develop new friend- ships. One of SLWB’s mantras is the importance of personally meeting and connecting with people of diverse backgrounds including diversity through religion, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

The gathering was also an opportunity to meet SLWB’s new board which is building the infrastructure required for SLWB to bring in new talent, conduct community outreach and continue to follow its mission as well as expand its mission. Attendees got an oppor- tunity to connect with board members and better understand how they could play a role both as volunteers and supporters. If you missed the event, look out for our next event in our newsletter.

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