What We Do



Our work in Canada is guided by the fact that it is home to more than 300,000 Canadians of Sri Lankan origin. We recognize that it is important for these multiple communities, especially its youth, to engage and participate in dialogue with each other in a constructive, empathetic and honest manner, on issues of mutual interest to our communities in Canada.  We have led over 100 events since 2010 which focus on dialogue and discussion, celebration of arts, culture, music, professional networking and more. 




We recognize the importance of the island of Sri Lanka to our shared identity as part of the Canadian multicultural mosaic.

Through our programs, we also explore ways in which the Canadian community can directly contribute to the development of a Sri Lanka based on principles of pluralism and equality. We do this by constantly listening to multiple perspectives on the ground in Sri Lanka and engaging with the diaspora to bring issues to light as well as to celebrate accomplishments and achievements.


In 2016, we attended the International Alert conference in Colombo –  Engaging Overseas Sri Lankans: Promoting Responsible Investment and Technical Assistance.

In 2017, SLWB was invited to participate in discussions about development and livelihood projects to help build poverty-stricken areas of Sri Lanka.  We are currently engaged in these discussions and welcome interested parties to join us in the discussion(s).